Extreme Metal Polish

Are you looking for extreme gloss, use for finishing the Extreme Metal Polish. Extreme can not !!

The Extreme Metal Polish is a metal polish that is suitable for fine work. With this metal polish you will achieve a shine and mirror effect that has never been realized. Extreme Metal Polish is really a piece of technology that leads the way on all the products available on the market. This polish polishing an extremely deep gloss, change your metal literally in a mirror. This metal polish the normal still visible polishing lines are minimized, making these metal polish is also very good to use on your most precious belongings. When the metal polishing can you think of metal components exclusive motorcycles, boats, vintage cars, trucks and more.

Tip : you save more time if you first pre-treated sections with our Ultra metal polish. (our ultra metal polish works faster oxidation and dirt around)

Use a microfiber cloth for best results
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